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Tsunami Waterpipes:


A body of the Tsunami is specially designed to make the smoke swirl and rise, similar to a tsunami wave swirl at the base of the ocean and getting higher above the surface. Good puncture are done along its body, They are creating the air-jets which filter out tar particles. For the reason that the smoke rises in cyclone-like fashion, the centrifugal force pushes the tar particles opposite to the inner wall, where they are collecting through the air-jets. It is advertise as a double-filtered pipe for the reason that extra form of tar extraction. Tsunami will be different in size but they all have 6 air jets. This will increases the velocity flow of the smoke when inhale, which results in a earlier, quicker hit.

Tsunami uses a particular down-stem, which will be connects to an ash-catcher. The bowl is linked to the top of the ash-catcher. When smoking, the ash felt into the ash-catcher and it will be kept there, preventing several solid materials from entering into the main chamber of the Tsunami. This functions keep the main water clean, and many users report a smooth taste because of this. The smoke however, it does not filter through the water in the ash-catcher.The Tsunami has a extraordinary design for medicinal use.

The body can be twisted on its side without spill any water so that someone who is bed ridden can use the Tsunami lying down. The hole at the top of the bottom-stem must be positioned facing the person using the Tsunami for this to be effective. Each and every pipe has a small hole on the lower front wall of its body, called as a carburetor or “carb”.This characteristic forces the smoke to rise rapidly during a “clear”, as the outside air which is being pulled in does not have to pass into the main water tank, which slows down the hit.

Indonesia Tanah Airku – Aceh Tsunami 2004:


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