Scientists give us their best estimates and then truth arrives at our access in a different form than what we estimated.  This is highlighted in gigantic earthquakes came as surprise. An earthquake is the outcome of a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. The seismicity, seismism or seismic movement of an area refers to the occurrence, type and size of earthquakes experienced over a period of time. As we think the potential impact of those events it is time we start thinking and planning for bigger than forecasted events.

The Japanese planned their tsunami walls based on the worst case scenario and these same walls were tossed aside like so much tofu. Achtsunami resource of all information such as  climate change or global warming, whichever term you prefer or hate and also gives more ramifications in 2013 with drought, flood events, severe weather, low water levels, heat waves and increasing tides on the coasts. However the science of disasters is not exact whether you are trying to forecast earthquakes or determining the ramifications of a 1,000 year flood event.