About us

Welcome to AcehTsunami.com. This is a great website that provides you with all the latest news that you wanted to know about Tsunamis and Earthquakes. The name tsunami comes from Japanese where “tsu” means harbor and “nami” wave. One needs to know that there will be no advance warning of an approaching tsunami.

Earthquakes are known to be the cause of tsunami; any earthquake taking place near a body of water like an ocean may trigger a tsunami. If you’re eager to know how this devastating tsunami occurs, how to predict it, information on tsunami warning systems, destructions and threat to life caused by it, tsunami foundations and regions with a high risk of tsunami then this is the right place!

The west coast of the United States is prone to Pacific Ocean tsunami and the warning signs direct people of evacuation routes during the catastrophe. And there is always a need to educate oneself about the occurrence so that we can fight it. Apart from Tsunami, this site also gives you up-to-date news on other natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and lot more.

We hope that the site will be helpful for seismologists and also for those who are studying about oceanography. Thank you for visiting.